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I’m an ex-university lecturer and researcher with over 6 years experience in the fitness industry. I have a level 3 diploma in Personal Training, and offer online and 1 – 1 and 1-2 face-to-face training from Body Fusion. Sessions are client-focused and tailored precisely to each client’s needs. I use up to date research on sports science and nutrition to offer clients the best possible chance of success. Sessions are fun, friendly and supportive. It’s not just about ‘beasting you’ – I offer full support between sessions on both exercise and healthy eating for the whole package. My clients range from 18 – 80, men and women, post and ante natal, post surgery/injury rehab, weight loss, fitness and just general health improvement. I’ve been there myself and have been on my own fitness journey (see below) so I understand the challenges first hand. As well as PT I teach group exercise classes in local gyms across Surrey – teaching spin, pump, attack, bodystep,  sh’bam (dance), aqua etc.

This site has my articles, recipes and tips, as well as info about ways I can help you get fit, and have fun doing it!

If you’d like to know more about my own journey then do have a read of my story and if you want to get in touch then do drop me a line!

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I’d been following Nancy on Facebook for a while having known her a long time ago at school and as my housemate had met her at the gym and was following her, and decided to sign up to some online PT in January. This coincided with me returning to work after maternity leave. I was really stressed about going back and I wanted to help myself by feeling as physically and mentally strong as possible at what was quite an emotional time for me!

The plan is really easy, I wasn’t massively motivated to begin with to be honest. Juggling work, a toddler and my husband travelling a lot with work, meant I didn’t have masses of time to fit in loads of exercise. Nancy was really encouraging and supportive and made it fit around me. She was always close at hand to answer my questions about what foods would be best for me and always sent a motivational message just when I needed it. After the initial 3 months, I wasn’t quite at my goal so signed up for another 6 weeks and have now asked Nancy about a maintenance plan as I’m not ready to go it alone just yet! In the last 4.5 months I’ve lost just over 13kg! I feel fitter and healthier and although I can’t quite believe it, am so pleased with the results!!

Georgie, Online PT (2018)

“Nancy was really encouraging and supportive and made it fit around me.”

I work part-time, study part-time and have two young boys, and it was easy to say that I didn’t have time for myself.  But as the years were increasing, I found I had less and less time for myself, my body wasn’t how I wanted it to be, and despite eating healthy meals, the snacks and sugar cravings were getting worse and I was ruining the good work I was doing with my diet by over-doing the ‘treats’. The result was that I was feeling less confident and out of shape.

I knew I wanted to make a change, but I was lacking the time and headspace to do anything about it.  However, one email to Nancy about her online personal training changed that!  She immediately kick-started me into action, and gave me the tools I needed.  She educated me with nutrition advice to improve the way I was eating, and gave me new recipe ideas to give me some inspiration. I registered with MyFitnessPal which was a brilliant tool to help me monitor my calorie intake and also to make me realise where I was accidentally going horribly wrong! It also made me realise that I could still have treats when I had earned them, so my diet felt manageable and most importantly, sustainable! No fads, no crash diets, juices or elimination. Just sensible balanced meals! I also felt held to account by having Nancy watch over my meals and activities on MyFitnessPal which spurred me on to do better!  She also provided me with home workouts to complete when getting to the gym was an issue, so there were no excuses!

Without a doubt Nancy has to be the most positive person I have ever met, and it is infectious.  I genuinely haven’t enjoyed exercise this much for decades, and rather than trying to skive out of workouts, actively look forward to them!  Nancy was always checking-in with me to see how I was doing, spurred me on when I felt like I was having a blip or was disappointed, and was my biggest fan when I made progress!

And I did make progress!  Over a 12 week period (including Christmas and a holiday!), by using measurements and weigh-ins, I literally watched the weight coming off. I lost 5.5kg and transformed my body shape. Nancy may be a small person but has made a big and lasting impact upon my life! I now feel better at 38 than I did at 28.  I am where I want to be with my body – feeling strong and athletic and confident 🙂 Importantly, I also now feel that I possess the tools I need to go forward and can make adjustments to my diet where needed.  Even if things slip, I now know what I need to do to change it, and know that commitment = results.

Cath, (Online PT 2017 – 2018 3 months)

“Nancy may be a small person but has made a big and lasting impact upon my life! I now feel better at 38 than I did at 28.  I am where I want to be with my body – feeling strong and athletic and confident :)”